Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions
In these Terms and Conditions shall apply:
Supplier : Diving Planet , Venlo , the Customer: any natural or legal person with whom the Supplier enters into an agreement , negotiates the conclusion thereof , or who Vendor makes any ( legal) action ;
Agreement: any agreement between the Supplier and the Customer , as well as all ( legal) acts in preparation and implementation;
roducts: all matters and direct the delivery of those goods related services that are the subject of an agreement ;
Supplier : The manufacturer of the Products and / or the person from whom the Supplier has involved them .

2 Applicability
The Terms and Conditions are part of all agreements and applicable to all related ( legal) actions of the parties . Supplier indicates applicability of general terms and conditions of the Customer expressly waives . If, in respect of the Products a service agreement is concluded between the parties on that service agreement, depending on the type of product , also
specific terms and conditions of service applicable Supplier . In the event of any conflict prevail terms of service.

3 Offers, conclusion and changes in agreements and statements and indications of Products.

3.1 An offer is valid while stocks last and only as an invitation to place an order . An agreement is established if and insofar as the Supplier accepts an order in writing or give effect to it . Changes / additions / an agreement and / or the Conditions shall only apply if the Supplier she lays down in writing and relate only to the relevant Agreement.

3.2 All quotations are made ​​with care by the Supplier of numbers and / or other indications of Products Supplier , but can not guarantee that there will be no exceptions . Shown samples, drawings , photos and models are only indications . Supplier may also involve Products Be it their parts with other subcontractors , than initially agreed . When such products differ from Supplier 's declarations made ​​earlier , that the Customer thereof may not be required , in fairness to decrease it may terminate the Agreement , insofar as is reasonably necessary.

3.3 The parties may agree that the Products will only be delivered on sight. The Customer may then terminate the Agreement in writing within the agreed trial period . Then he must return . The products in original condition and in their original , unopened packaging at his own expense within the trial period Unless otherwise agreed, the approval period seven days after delivery.

3.4 The visibility rules mentioned under 3.3 are excluded:

a. Software whose packaging has been opened or the seal manufacturer's broken.

b. Licenses, which are put in the name of the Customer

c. Products specifically for the customer purchased and not delivered . From the standard range of Supplier

4 Prices

4.1 The prices of products are in the Supplier `s last printed price list. Prices are expressed in Euro and include VAT.

4.2 The prices are based on prevailing in compiling the price list rates . If this change ( significantly ) , the Supplier , even after the conclusion of the contract , is entitled to set the price accordingly.

4.3 In all other cases, the Supplier after the conclusion of the Agreement entitled to correct when pricing is obviously incorrect and based on an obvious error or misprint. Manifest errors in pricing.

4.4 For purchases with a lower, equal or greater monetary value to € 210, - an additional cost will be applied for administration costs and the return shipping costs.

4.5 The refund of the order amount will be held in the bank account for which the order was carried and within a maximum period of four weeks from the date of receiving of the item.